Our Blackness

My blackness made you uncomfortable even as melanin percolated deep inside you.

A melanin so skin deep I was sure you came from the same Georgia sun that had kissed me so passionately.

My blackness made you awkward.

My blackness extended deeper than your ability to comprehend.

A deepness that ruled generations.

My blackness forced confusion, so you threw it away as the burden was too much for this lifetime.

My blackness rushed thoughts of inadequacy through your blood.

A deep-seated inadequacy that flooded the waters that spilled over generations.

Our blackness was manipulated with an intensity that clashed countries and nations.

Our blackness deviated from its purpose.

Our blackness as One would have unearthed a new country in Africa.

Only if Our Blackness…

© 2021 All words & images by Tanya Graham unless otherwise noted.

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