Pitstop in Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio – 2018  Standing at the corner of a neighborhood that has seen better days this church cannot be missed. From the red door to the cathedral windows with broken window panes, you will want to stop, and you will wonder why does this beautifully architected church sit in a condition that is copied throughout the entire neighborhood. Abandonment and emptiness. As I looked around, I could see boarded up windows more than I could see blinds or beautifully hung curtains.

It was an early Sunday morning, so the streets were quite empty. No one to ask how long had it been since this church was filled with people worshipping.



A scaffold ran up the side of the building, so I am praying that means someone has decided to take on the task of revitalizing this house of worship.


Although the area was not as beautiful as I am sure it once was I really enjoyed taking pictures as my husband and I took a quick ride through the neighborhood. Even with boarded up windows, it was still great seeing all the structural designs of the homes and buildings.


If anyone knows the name of the church or the history of some of the places in the pictures, please feel free to share.


© 2018 All words & images by Tanya Graham unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Your post really tugged at my heart strings. As much as I love big, old abandoned buildings, I hate it when the buildings are abandoned churches 😦 Your photos of Cincinnati are wonderful though!


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