The Move (4) – 1 min. read

It has been a while since I wrote about the “The Move”. I had several people ask when I would be posting again so I thought this would be a great time to jump back into some writing (although I have been doing some major writing just not on my personal blog).

One major change that my husband and I decided is to do filming right out of our home so we purchased some “professional” lighting from Amazon, cleared some space in the living room and began learning more about producing content. Once I get everything set up, I will send pictures and of course a video of me and Ben.

But one of my most frequently asked questions is how is the business. Our section of Auburn Avenue/Old Fourth Ward is going through some changes. The largest renovation that I have seen is of the Wheat Street Towers which is the nation’s first federally funded, church-sponsored affordable senior high-rise for low-income seniors. This building is positioned directly in front of our convenience store. And yes this is also the same filming location from the movie  “Daddy’s Little Girls” and most recently the blockbuster movie the “Black Panther”. Some of you may remember the outside shot of the Towers in “Daddy’s Little Girls”.


Wheat Street Towers as viewed in the movie Daddy’s Little Girls


It probably looks a little different with the ongoing renovations. This building has been at less than 50% occupancy since we opened our business going on four years ago so we are in high expectation of seeing the renovations complete this fall.


Wheat Street Towers Renovation (really looking good)


The “Black Panther” opens with a basketball scene outside of some apartments (actually Wheat Street Towers)  in Oakland, CA. The picture below actually shows the parking lot that was transformed into a basketball court. Killmonger was a young boy playing with his friends on the court.

Wheat Street Towers
Wheat Street Towers location of “Black Panthers” opening  & closing basketball scene

You probably also remember T’Challa telling his sister Shuri that they are buying the building for cultural and educational exchange center. They ended the movie with the spaceship landing on the court.

So with that said we are eagerly anticipating making new friends and customers from the renovation. We are also thrilled to be in an area that is still making history.


© 2018 All words & images by Tanya Graham unless otherwise noted.




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