The “Book of Benjamin” by Benjamin “Bigmouthben” Graham

Twenty-four years had passed since I walked off the campus of the University of Georgia. I had spent two and half years on this huge campus as a science major. The campus was beautiful and the massive old buildings that were spread over acres of land was more beautiful than I had ever seen before. For many reasons, this was a turning point in my life. One of the biggest was the introduction to a young man that after 26 years would be my husband. We both walked away in separate directions to live what we thought would be the best days of our young lives.

Fast forward to 2014- Sitting across from me in a downtown Atlanta restaurant and bar sits the young man that I left in college but this time something is different. Something went wrong. He is not the radio personality that I thought he would be. He is not the music mogul that I thought he would be. Instead, I can see years of harsh living on his face. 

We both sit nervously about what we each would have to say after all these years. I let him start because obviously, he had more to explain. 

The young man (now not so young) says “I was homeless sleeping under a bridge.  I was addicted to crack cocaine for 17 years. I was in a horrible accident that has left me with some physical complications.”

I sat stunned that the young man that I once knew as the most creative, energetic and charming guy in my life explain to me how he became a homeless crack addict.  I wanted to know more… Others have asked to know more…

To read about my husband’s spiritual journey from drug addict to a prominent business owner and inspirational speaker, you can read “The Book of Benjamin” written by Benjamin “Bigmouthben” Graham now at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Available on Nook and Kindle

Visit –

Blog Post – Trip Down Memory Lane

The website for Benjamin Graham aka Bigmouthben

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