What is your ball? Inspired by Misha Horsey

We attended a conference in Philadelphia, PA in which PCRadio Live was honoring several people for their work in the community. During this event, I had the great pleasure of meeting a young lady by the name of Misha Horsey.

Misha Horsey is the co-founder of Pro Bound Training that teaches young female athletes from the age of 8-16 basketball skills such as ball handling and perimeter play. Their objective is to instruct their athletes in the techniques of ball handling as well as the fundamentals of an all-around game for aspiring female basketball athletes in efforts to compete at the next level. Pro Bound is committed to the development of their athletes, so every session is intense and treated as if it were an actual game. Every drill simulates in-game situation.

As I am learning about Pro Bound, I am thinking they are teaching something much greater than basketball skills. They are instilling discipline & structure. They are teaching these young ladies to challenge themselves in intense situations. Take what they have learned and move to the next level. They are equipping them with life skills.

Misha stated, “I knew when I had that ball in my hand it was my way out.” And immediately I knew I had to ask that question. What is your ball? What is that one thing in your life that will take you to the next level? Get you out of poverty? Get you out of a mundane stressful life? Get you out of mediocracy? Get you out of your shell? Take you to a position of giving back to others? It may or may not be a basketball, football, golf ball or any other type of sports tool, but you have a ball. We all have a ball, and that ball is what we find joy in doing. It is that thing that has a special place in our heart. That ball may not be easy to carry. It may not be easy to obtain. It may be hard to control. It may not be easy to explain to someone else. It may lead to some long and tiresome days. I also know this is not as easy as it sounds.

But after you identify your ball, pick it up, and every time you put your hand on that ball act on it with intensity and treat it as you are in a real-life situation and make it simulate life as you have dreamed it. Do as Misha at Pro Bound Training is doing and stay on top of your game.

Visit Misha Horsey at http://www.proboundtraining.com.


© 2017 All words & images by Tanya Graham unless otherwise noted.




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